Authority of Chanthaburi Provincial Administrative Organization

Under Section 45 of the Provincial Administrative Organization Act 2540, Provincial Administrative Organization Has the power to carry out the business within the provincial administrative organization area as follows

- Enacted without conflict with the law.
- Develop the provincial administrative organization development plan Coordinate with the provincial development plan In accordance with regulations set by the Cabinet
- Support the Tambon Council and other local government in local development
- Coordinate and cooperate in the performance of duties of the Tambon Council and other local government.
- Allocate money, which according to the law, must be distributed to the sub-district council and local government.
- Authority of the province under the Provincial Administration Regulations Act B.E. 2498, specifically within the district council area
- Protection, care and maintenance of natural resources and the environment
- Prepare any activity Which are the powers and duties of other local governments
Within the Provincial Administrative Organization area And that it is expedient to allow other local governments together Proceed or have the Provincial Administrative Organization to make As stipulated in the Ministry
- Performing any other activities as specified in this Act or other laws as the authority of the Provincial Administrative Organization.